Does my car support OBD-II standard?

2012-08-14 15:07:46 admin 7

To learn whether your car supports OBD-II standard, see following conditions:

1. OBD-II standard is supported by the vehicles:

   U.S. since 1996

   European since 2003 (diesel since 2004)

   Japanize since 2005

Unfortunately, other cars are not complied with the OBD-II standard. But, you may see some hints that may help to identify your car.

2. DLC connector (Diagnostic Link Connector) - 16 pin-out DLC of a trapezoidal shape. ! Some cars have DLC connector, but they do not support OBD-II standard. DLC connector may be located in one of the 8 places and can be open or closed by some cover with a sign "OBD-II", "Diagnose" etc.

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3. Technical documentation to your car. OBD-II compliance may be mentioned at the technical documentation of your vehicle (but not in the general direction to the car brand / model!).

4. You can also search all the identification plates on the car - there may be signs "OBD-II compliant" or "OBD-II certified".

5. Another way is to ask at the service center or at some online automobile community.